This was requested, but here are 10 terrifying gifs

Anyone know what the third last gif is from?

third last gif is from Xtro!

One of these is Xtro, but where are the rest from… just so I can avoid these :D

I think I recognise Grave Encounters 2 and Insidious in there.


The adventures of Peter Grant, a young officer in the Metropolitan Police, who, following an unexpected encounter with a ghost, is the first new recruit in 50 years for the small branch of the Met that deals with magic and the supernatural.

These books are so great, you guys. Gritty urban fantasy with a host of fleshed-out characters (including a POC protagonist) and intriguing mysteries. You should totally read them.

Book 5, Foxglove Summer, is out in November. FUUUUUCK YEEEEAAAAAH.


god i wish people in my country would get the hang of the following:

  • condemning violence in gaza without lurching into swivel-eyed anti-semitism
  • not assuming everyone from one country supports the actions of their government; i mean it’s not as if we exactly have a universal consensus here
  • conversely not assuming that every criticism of land-grabbers, massacres & military zealousness is automatically criticism of a) everyone else in israel and b) every other jew in the fucking world
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…Has this been done before?



"if u coulf chnge ur name what would u change it to" by Anonymous


fourty exclamation points in a row and it is pronounced like a person screaming

I dunno, I live near a primary school and from what I hear at break time, that’s a really common name these days.

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Under-appreciated Animals: Fossa

The fossa is a cat-like carnivorous mammal that is endemic to Madagascar. Several of the animal’s physical features are adaptions to climbing through trees. It uses its tail to aid in balance and has semi-retractable claws that it uses to climb trees in its search for prey. Fossas communicate using sounds, scents, and visual signals. Vocalizations include purring, a threatening call, and a call of fear.

They’re also great choreographers.

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hello internet today i dun a walk

I SEE YOU WEARING YOUR GIRLFRIEND’S SHOES THERE. Man, sharing clothing or shoe size with a partner must be hella useful.

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Kitten rejected by mother and raised by golden retriever

I’m so happy for this little kitty

im cryin a bit

That golden retriever is no dummy. He knows a cute baby kitten brings joy to your life and passing up that opportunity is seriously stupid. Everyone go out and adopt a mom-less cat today, young or old. More cats in your life = a more awesome life.

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[contains spoilers for Utopia]

It’s like a glimpse into the future when the teens of tumblr have careers.

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Fry, I don’t know what the fuck is going through your head but maybe you should stop it from coming out of your mouth until you’ve vetted it for sensitivity and stopped playing tribal protectionism (“gay men are likely to be made targets of allegations of child abuse” … what like jimmy saville and rolf harrison, those notorious homosexuals?) at the cost of making more victims feel unsafe in telling people what has happened to them.

To be honest with you, speaking as an actual Brit who is personally interested in this case and has crunched the numbers - Fry has a point. Yewtree turned into a desperate witch-hunt after the law enforcement involved came under pressure to convict. Far, far more people - and yes, most of them out LGBTs - were arrested and then aquitted than were EVER convicted. It went very, very dangerous and very stupid. Just about any entertainer of a certain age was suddenly unsafe, everyone was suspicious of everyone else and yes, Fry got over-protective. If you had a friend who was accused of this, wouldn’t you?

Being falsely accused of rape - even if it’s just by law enforcement pulling you in through a witch-hunt like this - is going to haunt you forever, even outside of the public eye. You’re now asking if people know, if they really believe you when you say you wouldn’t do that, if they’re talking behind your back…as a famous person it’s so much worse. Suddenly you’re reading it in the papers, you’ve got people staring at you in the street, and hell, you can lose your career over it. You didn’t do anything, but you’re suddenly one of them - you’re tainted.

Yes, it’s horrible that people don’t feel safe stepping forward about rape - believe me, I know, I’m one of them, I still haven’t reported one of mine because I’m too scared to - but people are human. Fry is of a generation of gay guys where homosexuals were the pedophiles, the deviants, the mentally unwell, the ones that would haul off and wear your face while giggling. Most of the people brought in by Yewtree are his generation. These convictions and accusations have rocked the UK, because some of our most beloved entertainers are suddenly monsters. And Fry’s had one of his friends go under the hammer - if that happened to you, wouldn’t you flip out just a little too? I know I would.

Maybe he spoke out of turn. Maybe he let his emotions and his over-protectiveness get the best of him. That is no fucking excuse to go off on one over it though, especially considering how hard Fry’s worked to bring sexual abuse - particularly for LGBT - into the world limelight to try and get justice.

yes because being raped and having no one believe you isn’t going to haunt you for the rest of your life or anything

ps “as an actual brit”? how is that a credential? do you want to see my uk passport or can we skip the bit where being from this shithole nation actually means anything?

Fry is of a generation of gay guys where homosexuals were the pedophiles, the deviants, the mentally unwell, the ones that would haul off and wear your face while giggling.

Fry was giving a pre-prepared speech at a fundraising dinner. He was not making an off-the-cuff remark to friends that happened to be overheard. He decided to let the fact that his friend had been at least partially if not fully exonerated overcome common fucking sense in a well-reported public forum and frankly, as someone who also didn’t bother to report their assaults because I went to a school like Duncroft and no one ever believed us about anything there, and as a queer person, it feels like being stabbed in the back because he’s pissy one of his famous friends was under suspicion. 

If you had a friend who was accused of this, wouldn’t you?

Personally I’d stay the fuck away from them until they’d been sufficiently proven innocent, for my own safety? You know, the last time someone made a big thing of how they’d been wrongly accused of rape to me, and I accepted it, six months later they demonstrated that they had it in them after all, on me, when I was too drunk to call for help.

So no. I don’t agree. I don’t agree that what he did was responsible, and I don’t think he can pass it off as overheard private speech stemming from ancient fear, and I don’t think “I’m British” is a credential and I don’t think you’re entitled to speak for everyone else who has been shamed, frightened, bullied, or driven by social despair into not reporting being raped as a minor; it’s great that you can see the other side in this but the last thing people need when they’ve been carrying a wound like this for forty years is for a highly-respected and trusted figure of the establishment to implicitly cast doubt on the veracity of their claims and to treat them as potential enemies. 

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Dwarf Fortress bug fixes are a goldmine

Why would you even change the zombie cat or the vampire one